Touch Medicine Classroom

Begin your journey in our Touch Medicine 4 Kids Classroom. All 20 videos are FREE, flexible and fearless!

Touch Medicines is a groundbreaking and transformational program that connects body, mind and spirit.

Gentle guidance and support is offered, teaching parents step-by-step, and making massage easy to learn. The thoughtful courses were designed for all learners, coming from a space of self-expression, interpretation, and non-judgement.

To begin, simply click on the Intro to Touch Medicine and work through all 20 modules. The content builds on previously learned skills, so for best results it is advised that you follow the modules in order, practicing the techniques and reviewing as needed. Progress to the video library to learn more! 

"In this age of technology and in lieu of the pressures of parenting, we were feeling disconnected with our kids. Touch Medicine 4 Kids bring back a critical piece of parenting that re-establishes authentic relationship." -Leija J., Denver