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"I am a very busy mom of 2 even busier boys. After watching the Touch medicine 4 kids modules, I started implementing 5 minute breaks and "me time" with each child separately. During this time, I use the massage and acupressure techniques I learned from the modules. My boys not only get a massage, but they also get alone time with me! And what child doesn't love one on one time! My oldest has problems with sleep walking and night terrors, so I feel the acupressure works really good for him. Then my youngest has a severe chronic illness and the massage techniques help him relax and help control his pain. I personally loved the modules. Just by watching them and listening to Angela's voice relaxed me!" -Robyn H., Mother

newsletters & magazines

Kids Health

Check out a variety of colorful links geared toward parents, kids and teens that promote health and development.

Zen Shiatsu: A Longitudinal Case Study Measuring Stress Reduction in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Check out Angela’s research article to learn more!

International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

This online journal offers open access to the latest research regarding massage and bodywork.

Child Mind Institute

This site offers comprehensive tools and resources for parents worried about their child’s well-being, including mental health issues.

Massage Therapy Foundation

This link takes you to a video blog discussing Angela’s research on Autism from the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Touch Research Institute

Interested in learning more about the positive effects of touch? TRI is one of the leading researchers in touch therapy.